Watch out, These Foods Can Make You Older Faster

Instead of confused choosing cosmetics that can prevent wrinkles or the aging process, let's look at what you consume every day. Lest the contents of your plate that makes the body get older faster. Beautiful and healthy colorful vegetables and fruit on your plate will appear on the skin of the face and body you know. Therefore, nutrition from healthy and fresh food makes you more energized, slows down the body's metabolism, muscle mass, and bone strength. In addition, a healthy diet can help you manage and prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Recognize Foods That Need to Be Limited There are several types of food that can make you look older than you should. Foods or drinks that contain too much sugar Body cells can only process sugar that comes in certain levels. Too much sugar comes in, will cause damage to skin collagen. In addition, this excess sugar will stick to the mouth and cause discoloration of the teeth, bac
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